Our neighbor Andrew wants a thermostat like ours

Our neighbor Andrew is the weirdest guy that I have ever met.

  • It’s not like he’s a dangerous sort of weird, but he is certainly weird nonetheless.

He is always wanting to know what we are doing at our house and what sort of things we’ve been working on as far as home improvement goes. It’s like he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, and he just wants to make sure that he’s not missing out on anything. Recently, we had an HVAC technician come out to the house to do some heating maintenance for us and change out our air filters. They also did some ductwork cleaning and while they were at it, we had them put in a new smart thermostat system for us. We have been needing a new thermostat for quite awhile, and we figured that since they were already there to do all the other HVAC work we would just go ahead and let them put in the new thermostat unit too. Well, I could see Andrew out in his front yard peering across the street to see what was going on at our house. I guess he figured out that we were having some work done on our HVAC system, because by the time the day was over, he was over at our house asking what was going on. He asked to come in, and then he wanted to see the new thermostat system. He asked all kinds of questions about the new smart thermostat, and by the time he finally left, he had basically told us that he was going to call and have the same thermostat installed at his house.

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