Repairing the heating system in a museum

When my kids were telling me that both of us should go out and do something, I asked everybody what they all wanted to do… Then one of my kids requested that all of us go to an amusement park; however, I said that would be way too fancy and I wasn’t really trying to do that on the fly! Another kid said both of us could go to a skating park…

Of course that was our eldest child who enjoys skateboarding with his friends all of the time! Our youngest said that both of us should go to the beach, however I was saying how it was way too cold outside to try to relax at the beach! And it’s true, it was almost 20 degrees outside and the others agreed there was no way they would want to do that in the Winter season.

I requested that we all go to a museum as the local museum consistently had awesome temperature control settings and I heard they had a current UV air purification plan installed since the last time both of us had ventured there. All the kids genuinely liked the plan because there were a lot of cool interactive science displays and other interesting things at the museum… When we all finally got there, I was blissful that the air quality was great with that current UV air purification plan now fully working, and you really could tell the difference from the last visit, it was that impressive! And every one of us had a wonderful time for awhile however then it started to seem incredibly hot inside. I was genuinely starting to sweat and I wondered if it was just me at first. Turns out, the heating plan went on the fritz and they had to call the HVAC company for emergency service services; but fortunately, the museum gave us free admission vouchers for our next visit due to the inconvenience of the heating plan being on the total fritz.


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