The B&B had an interesting HVAC system in the rooms

We spent the days in a lovely B&B when we were down south on a family trip last year.

The whole B&B was so lovely.

There was a big fountain in the middle of the courtyard and a pool to the side. This place also allowed cats and so there were a lot of lovely cats around there that we could cuddle. They also had a superb lunch in the lobby in those days, with all kinds of meals and fruit platters that the owner had made himself. Something we liked about the B&B was the heating and cooling proposal that they had in the rooms. We’d never been into a B&B that had this sort of cooling proposal in it before. The time we walked in, we weren’t sure what the strange looking thing on the wall was, but then we saw a remote control on the bed that was not for the TV. The remote control is unquestionably for the heating and cooling system. It was a little temperature control remote control that we used to work the Heating, Ventilation and A/C proposal on with and adjust the temperature. When we turned the power button on, the system started running. It was a ductless mini split heating and cooling proposal. This was written on the side of the unit and within minutes, the temperature inside of the hotel room was toasty and warm. We loved that ductless mini split system and thought of purchasing a similar one for our bedroom..


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