The bedrooms end up too cold in winter

Zack had no clue who caused this matter since he was not around when the home was originally being built.

However, for reasons known to them, all of the heating and A/C vents are in the weirdest parts of the lake house.

For Zack, it just does not make any sense to have an AC vent at the doorway of a room where it just blows out into the hallway. Still, that’s how all of the air conditioning and heating vents in the lake house are positioned. It makes no sense at all, since the hallway benefits from all the heating and A/C from the air vents. This causes the living spaces to be too chilly in the Wintertide and too tepid in the summer. It’s just a really different setup when it comes to the heating and cooling method in Zack’s lakehouse. This wasn’t a matter that he observed immediately when he was home hunting, so Zack did not really address it with the realtor or an Heating & A/C business before he started living there. But, after living in the lake house for a month, Zack has realized that it is really an issue. The indoor air conditions in the home are not exactly what he likes at all. Not only that, but the heating and cooling bills are ridiculously high. That’s because Zack has to keep the heating method turned up in order to keep the living spaces sizzling enough with the chilly temperatures that he experiences in that location.



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