The fireplace that we had this year was great

I have always wanted a fireplace in our house, but up until this year, we have never had one.

I have somehow never ended up living in a house with a fireplace, even though I have always wanted to.

My grandparents used to have an old wood burning fireplace back in the day whenever I was a kid growing up in the southern part of the country. That old wood burning fireplace was actually the only source of heating that my grandparents ever had because they didn’t really need another heating source. It never really used to get all that cold there when I was growing up. I used to love sitting by that fireplace when I was a kid. So that’s probably why I ended up always wanting a wood burning fireplace myself as an adult. However, somehow, it just never ended up that way for me. Every house that I lived in over the years had an electric furnace, a gas furnace, or a wood burning stove in it as the heating source. I just never had a wood burning fireplace like the one that I always wanted. This year though, at long last, my sweet husband had a wood burning fireplace installed at our house for me. It was a huge pain to get it installed, but the HVAC company did a really great job. It was my Christmas present, and I thoroughly enjoyed having it in the house during the holiday season. It made everything seem much more cozy and special. I am very excited to have my new wood burning fireplace and I look forward to using it for years to come!

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