The heating system in my kids’ art school is torn up

My kids go to art class every single week, but last week when they went to class, the heating system was torn up. The temperature outside was really cold last week, and my kids wore their big winter coats into class. However, later on, I found out that they weren’t able to take their coats off the whole time they were in class. That’s because the heating system in the school was completely torn up. I don’t know what was going on with the heating system, but for some reason the school was having issues with it. I guess the whole entire place was cold on the inside, and the teachers were wearing their winter coats inside too. I had never heard about anything like this happening before in the art school so it was a little bit surprising to me. You would think that they would have canceled classes that day since the heating system wasn’t working and the weather outside was so cold. They just kept right on trucking along though, and before the class was over, I saw an HVAC maintenance truck pull into the parking lot. A couple of HVAC maintenance guys went inside the lobby of the school, so I assume they were trying to get the heating back up and running. I really hope that they have everything fixed by the time they have their class next week. Otherwise, I’m going to complain! I don’t think that they should be holding classes if the furnace system is torn up inside of the school building.



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