The remote was to control the heating and cooling unit at the lodge

Dan checked into this cool little lodge when he went out east on a family vacation a few weeks ago. The whole place was an absolutely well presented sort of hotel. There was an immense fountain in the middle of the courtyard and a pool in another area. They were also welcoming of pets so there were a lot of cool cats and dogs around to play with during the stay. They also had a fantastic brunch in the lobby every morning, with all kinds of eggs, fresh biscuits, and strawberry jam that was homemade. One of the interesting things about the hotel was the central HVAC method that they had in the rooms. Dan had never come across a hotel that had this sort of cooling method in it anywhere else. The moment he stepped into the room, he wasn’t sure what the weird object on the wall was. But then Dan saw a remote control on the bed that was not for the TV. The remote control was for the heating and cooling system. It was a little temperature control remote control that you could turn the Heating plus Air Conditioning method on with and adjust the temperature. When he turned the power button on, it began to blow in the warm air. It was a ductless mini split heating and cooling method. Dan saw that written on the side of the equipment and within minutes, the temperature inside of the hotel room was toasty.. He loved that ductless mini split system and planned to buy a similar one when he got back home.


Geo heat pump