The resort had a nice fountain in the middle of the courtyard

Nancy booked herself in a cool little hotel while visiting family up north a few weeks ago.

This quaint place was so lovely and had a big fountain in the middle of the courtyard together with a pool in the back. They were also welcoming of dogs and so there were a lot of cool dogs around there that people could meet and pet. This hotel also had a good breakfast in the lobby in the morning, with all kinds of eggs, fresh biscuits, and watermelon jam that the owners had made themselves. However, one of the interesting things about this lovely place was the heating and cooling plan that they had in the rooms. Nancy had never been into a hotel that had this sort of HVAC system in it before.When she walked in, she wasn’t sure what the odd looking item on the wall was, but then Nancy saw a remote control on the bed that was not for the TV. The remote control was for the heating and cooling system. This was a little temperature control remote control that you could turn the Heating and Air Conditioning plan on with and change the temperature. When Nancy turned the power button on, the system started right up. It was a ductless mini split heating and cooling plan . She read that on the side of the equipment and after a short duration, the temperature inside of the hotel room was quite cozy. Nancy enjoyed that ductless mini split system. She was thinking that she might want such a mini split AC in her house.
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