The tile came later than the grout and the carpet

A residential client hired our corporation to complete renovations on their home.

I was pretty stoked to start this task and get it out of the way.

It was the last big contract before the end of the warm and sunny season. All six of us were completely remodeling all of the flooring in their warm season home. All six of us on the crew needed to finish with the project before the end of the season. They wanted us to get rid of the aged tile, carpet, and hardwood. All of us had over 2500 square feet of flooring to replace. I ordered all of the supplies from the same commercial distributor. All the materials were supposed to arrive at the same time. I planned to install the tile and the carpet in a single afternoon, and the next afternoon I was planning to install the grout and then the hardwood. I had everything planned out perfectly so I could finish ahead of schedule and impress this new client! Unfortunately, the tile arrived multiple nights later than the grout and the carpet. The new client wasn’t genuinely glad when I had to call and postpone the task. The new client had expected myself and others to finish by Thursday the 7th, although I did not complete the work order until the following Thursday the 14th. I had to provide the client a pretty big discount, although I talked to the tile distributor and complained to them about the delay. I told them that it cost myself and others over $300 and they took the cost off of the total bill for the tile, grout, carpet, and hardwood flooring. I hope that this issue does not recur or I might have to look for a current flooring manufacturer.


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