The way it used to be

I was thinking the other afternoon about how things used to be when it came to heating plus cooling your home.

Back when I was growing up central heating plus A/Cs were way too expensive for the average laboring class joe to be able to afford one! Only the well to do plus the rich could afford central heating plus A/C at that time.

The rest of us had to deal with gas oil oil furnaces for our heating plus window A/C units plus fans for our cooling. It was a completely unusual time. And but I have fond childhood memories of our outdated gas oil furnace plus portable A/C, I am thankful that the cost of central heating plus A/C went down almost 30 years ago now to where the average joe could afford it. I would not want to go back to those olden days of heating plus A/C. It was much more difficult to maintain, plus also, you did not get quality heating plus A/C flowing through your condo when the weather was either ultra tepid or ultra cold. The gas oil oil furnaces in those days plus especially the window A/C units could not handle that kind of drastic weather. I tried to tell my kids about all of this. Of course, they didn’t understand that before they were born, heating plus A/C was not such a given thing in a normal residential condo in the United States of america! I am thankful for this week’s Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technology.

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