We all appreciated the handyman at our building

There was mostly nothing great about the place where we lived growing up. It was a low income housing situation as my parents didn’t make a whole lot of money. Fortunately, the handyman was really great in our building. Whenever we had any issues with the heating or cooling system, he would come out right away. He didn’t even mind helping us with simple things like changing the air filters to the HVAC system. He taught everybody a lot about essential things like that, and regular HVAC maintenance and tune-ups. We learned about how to keep the sink drains unclogged and everything. It actually made me want to be a handyman myself. It was strange to me though because the handyman I thought would have made a perfect HVAC professional since he was mostly doing that type of work. He probably should have been making more money too because most HVAC experts make good money. We all were thankful to the man, especially in the winter season when that radiant heating was working its magic. I loved relaxing next to the radiators in my room and I could just relax there for hours just working on my homework. Eventually, I actually did take an interest in the HVAC industry when we had an HVAC expert come out to speak about his career. I asked him a few questions and mentioned that we had a handyman who regularly took care of our HVAC, not an HVAC professional. The guy laughed and said it’s always best to go with the experts because they are certified and completely know what they’re doing.

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