Why are they firing everyone?

There was this place I worked for when I was young where every one of us made credit cards.

It was one of the main credit card producing places in the country, but my boss said everybody should be considered lucky to have a task at this place, although I thought that was just a bunch of nonsense.

To me it was just a task and I needed money to cover all my bills. Admittedly, the pay was not too shabby and I made a lot of friends at this place in no time. I ended up hanging out with particular people and every one of us all had fun at the task honestly. There was one guy who was saying how every one of us must be ‘the elite group.’ I didn’t consider myself elite at all, however every one of us all had a solid game plan when it came to the work and every one of us worked great as a team. The people I was with and I utilized odd machinery to prepare odd cards and get them ready for shrinkwrap and boxing. Personally, I worked all types of odd stations at this task. I’ve done shrinkwrap and boxing, quality assurance, gift cards, counting cards, and other things. I suppose I loved the place so much because of the people. I also loved the nice temperature control settings and the sufficient air quality. I still thought the air quality could be improved some, however my boss refused to invest in HEPA filters for the improvement of the workplace. Still, that did not bother me so much. What bothered me was when the management told everybody that they would keep their tasks, and fired everybody the next afternoon, except for a few people including me. I ended up quitting soon after because I no longer felt I could respect the management.

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