You get what you pay for

You absolutely get what you pay for with heating and cooling systems, but that’s what my parents always used to tell me back when I was growing up, despite the fact that I never understood what they were talking about, of course, when you’re a kid, you don’t care anything about the heating and cooling system in your house, however you don’t even realize that it’s a thing at all.

You just know whether it’s too hot or too cold in your house.

My parents used to always have a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor come over to our house at least two times a year to check on our heating and cooling system for us! I remember this HVAC guy who used to come to our house because he would always give me gum and all of us would chat while he was doing our standard furnace repair and our A/C repair for us. This guy absolutely knew what he was doing, and even though my parents said that they had to spend a little more money on him then would have had to spend money on another HVAC contractor, it was worth it. They always said that our HVAC contractor was the best one in the neighborhood and that he was totally worth the extra cash. Now that I’m an adult and I have to take care of our own Heating and A/C unit at our own place, I remember that lesson. I still make sure that I hire the best Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor that I can find to come and do the repair on our HVAC unit in our house.


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