A hidden gem with a well maintained boiler installation

I also cleaned the washable filter; that was the most I could do

When my friend called me to tell me that I had won a three-night-getaway, I was over the moon. All that changed when she mentioned the name of the hotel. It was disappointing that it was an Airbnb instead of a hotel. If it weren’t for the fact that the stay was fully-catered for, I would have canceled. When I got into the place, the living room had a floor-to-ceiling gas fireplace on one wall and a built-in bookshelf on another. A set of double french doors was situated in the middle of a row of windows and appeared to lead out onto a back deck with a fantastic view of the lake. Their online information stated that they had a boiler installation that would cater to whole-home heating during the cold months. A heating provider’s number was provided but given their records of regular furnace/heater tune-up, it was likely to be of no use unless in the case of an emergency. There was also a pinned list of various energy-saving help tips in the kitchen that the guests were encouraged to apply. All this reminded me of the gas furnace back home. It was long due for maintenance and duct cleaning. The heating corp had advised the cleaning be done every three to four years. I checked for any leaks in the ductwork and sealed them. I also cleaned the washable filter; that was the most I could do. I left the rest for the home services company. The HVAC repairman scheduled to clean the HVAC duct on the same day I was heading to the Airbnb, so I called ahead to postpone to a later day. In the meantime, I would enjoy the newly discovered gem.

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