Able to stay on site

When my partner and I found the land of our dreams both of us had grand plans of building a cabin right that day.

Turns out that building a cabin is severely expensive.

The people I was with and I had to go piece by piece plus not hurry the project either. The people I was with and I needed a spot to live in the meantime. My partner was scared to leave our land plus not track the project. It made sense to find some genre of way to live on the land, but not be in the cabin that was being built. I found affordable tiny home solutions online. This is where they take a shipping container plus outfit it to look just like a real home. You can have a dining room with a stove, fridge plus dishwasher. You can have a dining room with a TV. There is enough section for a dining room plus attached lavatory. The price was high, but not like building a whole home. My partner plus I decided both of us could live in our modular lake cabin while our real cabin was being built. That way both of us could make sure everything was done right plus not skimp on anything. After our cabin was built the 2 of us decided to keep the tiny lake cabin as a guest house. My parents always do the snowbird thing plus live with us. It is nice that they have their own section plus both of us think for sure the tiny lake cabin is a nice set up. It was a very nice thing for our family plus helped us save a lot of currency. Occasionally I even miss the tiny house.

Modular Shipping Container Homes