Being with an HVAC pro is honestly difficult sometimes

I have been married to an HVAC pro for the past 18 years, then Max was really an HVAC pro when both of us first met, as well as Max has been finally working in the heating as well as cooling industry for longer than both of us have with each other.

Max enjoys his task as well as he’s honestly superb at it.

Max is constantly trying to learn new things about the heating as well as cooling industry, so Max’s constantly on the forefront of things when it comes to his work! I do like the way that Max is constantly trying to learn new things, but I hate the way that he has to be on call a lot. Max has to be on call on mornings as well as weekends as well as usually on holidays. Max is one of the only gentlemen who does the on-call as well as emergency shifts… Most of the time, it doesn’t honestly bother myself and others because I believe that he enjoys his work. Max also honestly likes making all the extra cash because usually he gets time as well as a half when Max is finally working one of those shifts. However, I will have to say that sometimes it gets sort of old being married to an HVAC professional who is constantly on call. It makes it difficult to plan out things ahead of time, especially while I was in the holidays. I constantly just have to go ahead as well as go on with my plans, even if Max has not going to be there, then that’s especially difficult when you’re trying to get your family portrait done that has for sure! Being married to an HVAC pro is hard, but I know it’s worth it.
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