Dan and his partner sought a store spare near their home

Dan felt like he was always on the road commuting from his lake house on the south side to the business address for his Heating and A/C operation which was on the north side.

  • He was really losing 3 hours every day in the vehicle and he missed spending time with his partner.

One day, Dan opted to bring his partner to look for a shop space somewhere close to the lake house that was affordable. It took a while to pinpoint the perfect place. When he finally did, Dan had to change the address and cellphone number on all of his advertising materials, including his business website. Dan contacted the web design company and sent them an email with all of the modern information. Two hours later, the swings were online and replaced. Dan was pretty glad with the choices that the designer made to match everything so well. He was so tied up looking at the modern colors that he totally missed the fact that the modern corporation address was wrong. The cellphone number was wrong too. The two mistakes went unrecognized for several days. Dan did not have a single call the first day and was so distraught. He thought the cell phone was broken and that his business was suddenly going down the toilet. Dan contacted the digital SEO people to find out what was going on and that’s when they noticed that the cellphone number and address for the Heating and A/C supplier were incorrect. It was a small oversight, however a big delay on his online digital SEO campaign.

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