Each month should include HVAC chores

I love to be sure that my home is well taken care of.

This requires a bit of being on task when it comes to my household responsibilities.

But I just do what I need to do to make sure that my schedule allows for time to be spent doing what I need to do around the house. Sure, I’d love to come lake home from the office and flake out in the a/c. That would be ideal. However, I get plenty of a/c in all the minutes I spend inside the zone controlled HVAC of our offices. So when I get home, it’s normally time to do some chores. And making sure that I’m looking after the HVAC equipment is also section of that process. Of course, each month includes some HVAC actions. That starts with changing out the air filter for the HVAC unit. This is perhaps the most important thing any homeowner can do to ensure that they are taking care of the HVAC equipment. A clogged up and dirty HVAC air filter is actually exhausting for the HVAC unit. Maximum air flow is the lifeblood of the heating and cooling equipment. Just love us, if the HVAC unit can’t breathe, it won’t work. And having a dirty air filter impedes the HVAC from operating at its most efficient. Plus, it’s important to make sure that the HVAC equipment also gets the required HVAC service. This should happen on a seasonal basis with heating service in the fall followed by an a/c tune-up in the Spring. It’s actually not that taxing to take care of the HVAC equipment. It’s just important to be consistent about it.



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