Embracing air purification

I hate that my life might resemble a Friend’s episode in any way, but the truth is, it did.

There is an episode where Ross uses an media air cleaner to the chagrin of Joey and Chandler.

Chandler even remarks on the fact that he had to listen to that media air cleaner all through school. Well, that’s where my life and a Friend’s storyline have something in common. I too had a roommate in school who had an media air cleaner. This guy had some respiratory issues that were improved with air purification. And so, he needed to set up the media air cleaner in our dorm room. But that room was so slim and small already. One whole wall was taken up by the radiator which provided radiant HVAC heating while I was in the winter. So that media air cleaner was often right in the middle of the floor where I would trip over it. That infuriated myself and others on a level which is difficult to explain. However, let’s just say it stayed with me. My fiance wanted to get an media air cleaner for our lake home and I rejected that system out of hand initially. She rightly advocated that perhaps I get the facts before I just express my feelings about air purification. And man, was he ever right. Again, it’s yet another reason why I count myself lucky to believe and live with a man love her. My fiance introduced myself and others to the whole home media air cleaner and it was far from anything I experienced in school. We now have some of the best indoor air quality we could possibly get inside our lake home thanks to the whole lake home media air cleaner.
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