Forget the brother in law and call the HVAC business

I love my fiance.

And I love just how close he is with his family.

I’m actually sort of grateful to be included in that sort of family dynamic. It’s actually actually cool indeed. That said, I have no problem telling my brother in law that, while I like the gesture, I’ll be calling the HVAC business. My fiance’s brother is indeed a sweet guy at his core. But, he’s also a bit of a believe it all who always pushes his prowess at well, everything. So when he got wind that our a/c was acting a bit weird, he hastily made our HVAC equipment his business. Again, he’s a great guy and his intentions are pure and helpful. Still, he’s not touching our HVAC unit. I believe for sure that we didn’t invest in the best in residential HVAC because we could. No, heating and cooling in our lake home is a actually important component of our lives. And we spent some money to make sure that we got the sort of HVAC technology we actually wanted. My brother in law once worked a summer time helping an HVAC contractor. So of course, he feels certain that he’s qualified to tear into our HVAC unit to find the problem. And my fiance is having a difficult time telling him no thank you. But that’s okay, I get that. She doesn’t want to hurt this guy’s feelings when he’s trying to be nice. However, I’m not waiting around, I called and the HVAC professional will be out to assess what’s happening with our HVAC unit.
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