Getting into better eating and fitness habits

I used to give into the temptation of sweets and snacks when I was in my 20s and 30s.

I noticed I was putting on some extra weight toward the end of my thirties. I needed to change my diet and focus on healthier eating habits. I eliminated nearly all sugars and began including more veggies and fruits. I cut back on the amount of fats I was consuming. I wanted to build muscle and knew that diet would play a huge part in my success. I enrolled in a wellness program and by following the advice of a nutritionist, felt better within several weeks. I suddenly had way more energy. I’ve since cut out all sugars. I only allow myself to eat sweets occasionally. I indulge on holidays. I have a fitness center near my home and signed up for a membership. I am able to ride my bike there and workout a few times a week. I take advantage of all of their different machines and strength training equipment. I love swimming laps in the pool. I also signed up for a yoga class that meets on Saturdays. I was surprised by how much I enjoy yoga. I suffer some pain in my joints from playing too much baseball and the yoga is really making a difference. I was shocked by how much flexibility I’d lost over the years. The different poses work to increase core strength, balance and range of motion. I like yoga so much that I’m now looking into other types of group classes. They offer spin classes, HIIT and circuit training during the week. I am planning to sign up for the next session.

Personal Fitness Training