How often do you check the ductwork

The HVAC duct had several leaks, which equates to heat loss.

Living in the countryside has its perks but not so much for specific amenities. Malls, big restaurants, and theme parks were not among the things we had in town, although we still got by. As a result, we had a tightly knit community. Our small village relied on one heating corp to cater for everyone’s home services. With only one heating provider to cater to all the people, having a furnace/heater tune-up was a must. You could not afford to have your gas furnace breaking down in the middle of a cold winter night. A gas fireplace was an added advantage because it could get frigid during winter. Every homeowner had developed or learned an energy-saving help method that worked to keep their energy bills as low as possible. The summers we less cruel than the winters; the air conditioners were barely overworked. By the end of last winter, one look at my energy bill almost sent me to the emergency room. It was typical for the energy bill to increase during winter, but the increase was astronomical that time around. I immediately called the HVAC repairman to come and inspect the boiler installation because I was sure it was the cause of it all. The professional confirmed that the whole home heating equipment was okay and the problem was actually in the ductwork. The HVAC duct had several leaks, which equates to heat loss. The system had to run more to compensate for the loss. He cleaned the washable filter and did a duct cleaning for good measure. He also told me to ensure that the house was well insulated during winter to avoid heat loss.



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