I don’t want my fiance to die by bees

The type of person who experiences a life with constant physical allergies absolutely has to learn at some point how to overcome adversity.

That basically was my fiance as a child, and at some points she also had to deal with scrutiny and issues from her classmates when her asthma acted up and she struggled to keep a similar pace in gym class.

One time she got a brutal stung by a bee during recess and her arm swelled up to a giant level. Her friends and her educator nervously called the school nurse. She was doing fine in the end, but one of her healthcare workers prescribed her an epipen in the event of any future allergic reactions so she wouldn’t go into anaphylactic shock. I am honestly mindful of my fiance’s drawbacks and do whatever I can to minimize her exposure to deadly risks like asthma attacks and bee stings. Recently we started experiencing numerous troubles with yellow jackets forming nests in the garage. I am the only one permitted to get rid of yellow jackets or wasp nests because of my fiance’s problems with allergies. Usually I don’t have a problem if I wait until after dark and use a sprayer gun with a relatively long shot range, but recently I’m finding way too many yellow jacket nests and I honestly have no choice but to call an exterminator. It’s not even worth risking my fiance’s life by not getting rid of these yellow jackets in a rush. The people I was with and I have a number of different extermination and bee removal services around these parts so I have no doubt that we will find a wonderful choice by simply comparing supplier reviews.


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