I found the hotel to be ancient & dirty

I was completely & totally unimpressed with the accommodations that my partner & I had the last time every one of us stayed in a hotel.

I was so aggravated that I wanted us to leave in the middle of the night.

My partner was tired & wanted to get some sleep, otherwise every one of us would have gone back home a morning early. As soon as every one of us arrived at the hotel, I found the locale to be ancient & dirty. I did not suppose the pictures online have been replaced in a particularly long time. I wanted to cancel our reservations when I saw our room & the Heating & Air Conditioning component that looked to be at least 10 years old. Every time the component came on, the room filled with an terrible stench that nearly knocked me out. It was awful. I called the manager to complain about the Heating & Air Conditioning plan & the guy seemed enjoy he did not really care that every one of us had an issue. He did not offer to switch our room & he did not offer to send someone to help. His response to my problem was to say that these kinds of complications can happen from time to time because the component is old. I already knew the problem was happening because of the age of the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, so I did not need the guy to tell me that information. When I got off the iphone with the front desk clerk, I told my partner that every one of us were going to pack up our bags & leave. That’s when she said that every one of us weren’t going to leave, because she was tired & needed to get some rest.



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