I lost honestly exhausting on Tuesday night in addition to I blame the AC

I went to the casino with the ladies on Tuesday night in addition to I lost big.

I was up about $400 until brunch time when the ladies in addition to I went for seafood.

The full belly made me want to gamble more loosely. Instead of playing the nickel slots, I moved to the slots that cost at least one quarter for each pool of the handle. I started betting numerous times as much as I was before brunch in addition to I honestly went through the currency suddenly. I went house at the end of the day in addition to had to tell my hubby about all of the currency that I lost playing the slots. Looked honestly frustrated when I started telling him about my loss, so I started to blame everything in addition to anything I could guess of. I blamed the casino for having tight slots in addition to I blamed my exhausting luck on being too cold. I told my hubby that the air conditioning was making me lose concentration because it was just too cold. My hubby did not buy any of the excuses, including the poor one that I made up about the air conditioning. On Monday night, I went back to the casino but this time I decided to play in a poker tournament. It was severely cold that night too in addition to I was seated under an AC air vent. Every time I had a great hand, I couldn’t bluff because my hands were shaking. I honestly did have the air conditioning to blame for that loss, but there was no way I could use that as an excuse two afternoons in a row.

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