I never knew that being an Heating & Air Conditioning tech was a good way to meet girls

I have never been a serial dater, I am a relationship type of guy.

My personality type is undoubtedly sad in general, so going on first dates is stressful for me.

If I find someone I like, then we want to spend time with them and not have to worry about dates or meeting other people. If I don’t find someone I like, then we just go for a while without dating. The last few weeks I have been alone, because I was finishing up university and starting a new task. I am surprised, but cheerful to report that being an Heating & Air Conditioning tech seems to be a wonderful way to meet girls! My undoubtedly first day on the task I performed an annual method inspection and an AC tune up for a appealing young woman who gave me her iphone number when I left. I talked to our boss, the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, and asked what their supplier policy was in such a situation. He laughed, and said that there were no ethical stipulations with being an Heating & Air Conditioning tech, it wasn’t like doctor-patient privilege. If I met a customer and wanted to date her, the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier had no concern with it. I didn’t call the woman instantly, mostly because the following day another Heating & Air Conditioning customer made a pass at me. I was starting to realize that to hard-working single girls, a young, appealing Heating & Air Conditioning tech seemed like a pretty good catch; Now I am spoiled for option when it comes to dating, not to mention I like our task as an Heating & Air Conditioning tech!

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