I was tired of staying at work late to clean the office

The two of us work at an insurance company and the place has grown steadily over multiple decades.

When the two of us began our job, the two of us had 50 employees.

Now there are more than 100 different employees on the 7th Floor. The company’s growth has grown exponentially, but my boss still makes up some excuses for the terrible work conditions. It’s ironic that I work for an insurance company that covers building projects and upgrades. I can’t begin to comprehend how we have a building that is an Insurance liability filled with lots of problems. It is amazing to the two of us whenever the two of us recognize about it. On the top of those things, the heating, ventilation and also AC method really needs an upgrade or renovation. It is entirely boiling during the summer months as well as entirely too frigid during the winter season. The two of us found ourselves in a heap of trouble when we brought a space oil furnace to work. Without the furnace, the two of us were shivering. The boss finally broke down plus Simply Hired a cleaning company. Unfortunately, it was his son-in-law’s work. The location was filthy plus never being cleaned. When the two of us found out that the office cleaning company was someone in the family of the boss, we were all pretty upset as well as demanded that there was something else done in this situation. The building would not be cleaned by itself and that guy was not doing a good job.
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