I wish my sibling would stop being so aggravating

I certainly wish that my sibling would stop being so aggravating when she doesn’t get her way. Now, she’s on this kick where she says that she’s not gonna come over to my condo anymore this Winter time because she thinks that the two of us keep the temperature control settings too low. She says that she’s always cold whenever she comes over plus she can’t sit it anymore. You would have to believe my sibling, but she is pretty selfish plus aggravating. She has always been that way, plus I do not believe why. I mean, the two of us have the exact same parents, plus the two of us had the same upbringing but she is absolutely different from me. I would never tell someone that they need to adjust their temperature control just to make me glad, but she does it every single time that she comes over. Now she is threatening me that she’s not going to come plus visit anymore because she thinks it’s too cold over here. I think that I will just tell her just to stay away if that’s how she feels. Maybe I need a cut from her too. I mean, maybe I will just tell her to stay away plus that I will not see her again until this summer! Of course by that time, she will really be complaining about the fact that the two of us do not have our air conditioner set low enough for her. Maybe I will just tell her that if she wants to be the one to pay for our heating plus cooling bills, then she can be the one who sets the temperature control for us.


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