Improving the air flow

One of the number one features of my lake house is the outside patio in the backyard that overlooks the swimming pool, and during the summertime, my kids plus I use that space all morning long plus both of us often invite guests over to join us.

The outdoor patio is tiny, only fitting a small living room plus table, however it’s functional.

Due to the fact that both of us spend so much time out there during the warmer weeks, I was looking to add fans. The space was too small to put portable fans out there though due to the fact that they would take up too much floor space. Where the outlets were situated on the wall, the fan would have to stand on the table or block the walkway, which I obviously did not want, and as I was researching fans for outdoor spaces, I discovered wall mounted fans. There was a wide variety of wall mounted fans at the local hardware store plus I was gleeful about the options, I was desperate for something that would last plus be straight-forward to use, however thanks to all of this, it was legitimately pressing for myself and others to find a fan that came with a remote control. Later on when the wall mounted fans arrived, I asked my wife to install them for me. From his point of view, it was straight-forward to install plus she was legitimately impressed that I had thought to buy such a thing. After the fans were all hooked up, I screwed around with the remote to see if it would work. There was a tiny sensor at the bottom of the fan that I needed to point the remote at, however it worked well! I’m so thankful that I found the wall mounted fans because they make a positive difference on the patio without taking up space.


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