Keep the HVAC maintenance coming

I don’t have to worry about calling the HVAC company to schedule the HVAC maintenance any longer.

That’s because I finally got smart and left that sort of stuff up to the HVAC company.

I mean, they are the HVAC professionals so why not let them do the scheduling of the HVAC maintenance. Plus, I was just never as consistent about HVAC maintenance as I wanted to be. So joining the HVAC service plan from our local HVAC company will work out just great. I’ve always tried to get to the HVAC maintenance twice a year. I like to have the heating maintenance done in the fall. This way, I know that the gas furnace is tuned up and ready to face the winter temperatures. You got to have that sort of confidence in the gas furnace when you deal with our winters. But we also have central air conditioning as our summer is not exactly cool and comfortable. We get a combination of heat and humidity that makes HVAC cooling not just nice but necessary. And so, I like to get an air conditioning tune-up prior to the summer heat setting in. Yet, as much as I like to be on point when it comes to seasonal HVAC maintenance, I’ve missed a few seasons. And that’s just no good. HVAC equipment is too valuable to allow for that sort of forgetfulness. The HVAC service plan now takes that part off of my plate. I love the idea of just waiting for an email from the HVAC company. That’s a whole lot easier than forgetting about it, remembering it and then forgetting about the HVAC maintenance again.

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