Leaks in the air duct were the cause of the spike in the energy bill

The leaks would explain the rise in the energy bill in the past six months

It had been numerous years since the boiler upgrade with no complaints; Every year during fall, I would contact the heating provider for oil furnace/heater tune-up to ensure that the whole house gas furnace was in its best condition, equating to stress-free heating throughout the year; Last year, I had the heating service done twice, in Springtime and fall, then the main reason was that I suspected the gas fireplace of leaking, so I needed it to be checked and repaired before the frosty season, then i also needed the washable filter upgraded since I had recently l gained that even the washable 1s required to be upgraded after some washes however luckily not as often as their counterparts. The HVAC repairman who worked on it told me that as much as I worked on the gas oil furnace, I needed to consider duct cleaning since it had been numerous years since the last cleaning. The heating corp where all of us got the oil furnace from had advocated this, however I had forgotten all about it since it was not something to be done every year, during the house services done over the years, the ductwork never crossed my mind. The professional discovered numerous leaks in the air duct during the cleaning process. The leaks would explain the rise in the energy bill in the past six months. Later that afternoon, I went through all the paperwork all of us had for when all of us bought the heater, and 1 of the energy-saving help tips was consistently checking for leaks to ensure the unit runs optimally. The leaks he had discovered had caused the system to run more, thus using more energy.

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