Making a compromise with my partner

My partner and I have been battling our child about the thermostat settings in addition to it’s been incredibly stressful.

Our child begged to make the apartment on the minute floor his home office, in addition to my partner and continuously told him that yes was not our answer, but every one of us didn’t have a problem with him using the apartment as his home office because the space was rarely used anyway, however both of us knew that he would be uncomfortable… The heat in our home naturally rose up there, which is why neither one of us used the apartment space to begin with. During the summer time, our child would suffocate up there in addition to there was nothing both of us could do about it. He pushed in addition to pushing and eventually had told him that he could make the apartment his home office, however it would be hot. Everything was fine, until he began decreasing the thermostat settings harshly. He would lower the temperature by fifteen or twenty degrees periodically, which not only affected the rest of the house, however it was costing a fortune! No matter what both of us did, our child would change the thermostat settings in addition to decreasing our yearly energy fees; When my partner and I realized that our child wasn’t going to give up his home office in the loft, both of us decided to try something new. We really didn’t mind him using the space because as I said before, it never got used, however instead of connecting to the central Heating in addition to the A/C system, we later just decided to install a ductless mini cut unit. It would run off of electricity in addition to it being only responsible for cooling that area, which made it efficient!

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