My best friend is updating the condo with radiant heated flooring

Frank and I have known each other since we were kids.

We played on the same little league team together and we lived in the same neighborhood.

Frank was one of the coolest guys I knew growing up. His mom and dad were both doctors and they had a ton of money. Still, they were a modest family living in a neighborhood like mine. They could have lived in a country club or golf course and Frank could have gone to private school, but they were regular people. Frank was the first friend of mine to get a car. His parents bought him a used sedan with four doors and moonroof. Frank and I cruised all over town on Fridays and Saturday nights in that car. We stayed in touch even during college when both of us went to different schools. Frank and I live close now and we see each other practically everyday. Frank has a considerable trust fund from his parents, and he recently used some of the money to buy a condo in the same neighborhood where I rent mine. The place is huge and one of the biggest floor models at over 2100 square feet. I thought the palace was perfect, but Frank wants to upgrade to radiant heated floors. I’m really jealous, because I know radiant heated floors are warm and cozy and very energy efficient.. Frank and I are going to watch the radiant heated flooring installers, so we can attempt the same job at my place some day. The installation begins on Thursday and should take three days total.

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