My brother couldn’t fix the furnace without help

My brother thinks that he knows absolutely everything about all things.

He is completely and totally arrogant.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend, because he thinks so highly of himself. The guy is known to brag about his accomplishments. He thinks that he can repair problems in the house with a wrench and a set of pliers. This is of course not true, but it doesn’t seem to stop him from attempting a number of different household repairs. A few months ago, my brother had an issue with the furnace. He decided to fix the problem on his own instead of calling a professional. I knew that wasn’t a good idea. When my brother called me for advice, I told the guy that he should contact a local professional. I even gave him the name of the company that I regularly use. My brother was determined to fix the problem on his own. Later that day, he called for the name of the HVAC repair business. I found out that the furnace needed to be replaced. My brother tried to claim that he would have been able to make the repair if the machine could have been fixed. I know that is a huge lie, because my brother was stamped from the beginning. I let him go on for 10 or 15 minutes and then I pulled him to the side and reminded him that he called me for the telephone number. He still tried to claim that he could have fixed the broken furnace if it did not need to be replaced.
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