My Grandfatherrents finally decided to replace the cabin with central heat & AC

My Grandfather built his cabin with his own many hands back in the 1950s.

The guy has consistently been proud of his home. It looked enjoy a time capsule from the past for a long time. Over the past couple of years, my Grandfatherrents have worked hard to make some swings & replaces to the property. The reservations will make it easier for them to eventually sell. I really hope they leave it to me in the will, although I understand if they want to sell it. I love the cabin & I think it is perfect. My parents & I were visiting a couple of weeks ago & every one of us found out that they are finally ready to replace the cabin with central heat & AC. Since the cabin was built in the sixties, it did not have central heat or Central AC. This was consistently Troublesome, because the un-even temperatures were really hot & uncomfortable while I was in the summer. Even though they had a couple of window a/cs, the giant & large square footage of the cabin made it impossible to cool with anything other than Central AC. My Grandfatherrents told my dad & I about the price tag for the job & my jaw nearly hit the ground. To have the central heat & A/C installed with current air duct is going to be a $25,000 project. That’s a ton of money for my Grandfatherrents & I really cannot suppose they are even going through with the plans. I never thought they would spend that much money on Renovations & repairs. They must really be serious about selling the house.


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