My Grandparents finally decided to update the home with central heat and AC

My Grandpa built his home with his own more than one hands back in the 1950s. The guy has always been proud of his home. It looked prefer a time capsule from the past for a long time. Over the past couple of years, our Grandparents have worked difficult to make some fluctuations and updates to the property. The reservations will make it easier for them to eventually sell. I absolutely hope they leave it to me in the will, although I understand if they want to sell it. I love the home and I think it is perfect. My parents and I were visiting a couple of weeks ago and both of us found out that they are finally ready to update the home with central heat and AC. Since the home was built in the sixties, it did not have central heat or Central AC. This was always Troublesome, because the un-even temperatures were truly warm and uncomfortable while in the summer. Even though they had a couple of window air conditioners, the large and big square footage of the home made it impossible to cool with anything other than Central AC. My Grandparents told our dad and I about the price tag for the job and our jaw nearly hit the ground. To have the central heat and A/C installed with modern ductwork is going to be a $25,000 project. That’s a ton of currency for our Grandparents and I absolutely cannot assume they are even going through with the plans. I never thought they would spend that much currency on Renovations and repairs. They must truly be serious about selling the house.


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