My sister gave birth in a hot hospital

I was so aggravated at the pregnancy ward because of the temperature in the delivery room… In most hospitals, they have control units in each of the rooms in the pregnancy ward.

It’s no secret that when a woman gives birth, her body will have extreme reactions that aren’t always the same between one woman and the next.

It’s important to do everything you can to keep her comfortable. When giving birth, the woman’s body has already gone through something pretty traumatic, and the last thing that she wants to do is feel uncomfortable because of the temperature… That is why most women are put in their own room with their own control equipment to control the temperature of the room. However, my sister gave birth while she was visiting me. She came out to see me one more time before the baby came because she knew she’d be stretched thin. Of course, the baby decided to come early and we wound up at a random hospital. This hospital was small, however the doctors were nice, and they did a good job with the delivery. The only thing that was frustrating about the hospital was that they could not set the temperature control equipment comfortably to save their lives. They only had 1 thermostat that controlled the temperature of the entire ward, and it seemed that they did not know how to use the control unit. When my sister arrived in her room, the temperature of the room was so hot and stuffy. I’d say she was feeling the heat from her labor, but even I recognized that the room was too warm. I sent a nurse to adjust the temperature settings, but she over compensated for my request. The temperature quickly dropped about twenty degrees and the fluctuation clearly was just adding stress to my sister’s delivery. Who knew it was such a difficult request to have temperature control when you’re in labor.

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