Putting together my HVAC cost saving system now

By the time we get our first pollen dump, I love to have my HVAC cost saving strategy in location.

And this year is no different.

Just because we get our first signs of Spring while other parts of the country are dealing with deep Wintertide cold doesn’t change my routine. That’s because saving on the HVAC costs when it comes to a/c is a big household responsibility. So when I see the pollen covering the hood of my car, I believe it’s time to be finalizing my HVAC cost saving strategy. There is more to saving on HVAC cooling costs than meets the eye. Plenty of people simply ride into the summer time and deal with the a/c as they want. Unluckyly, this can also prove to be a actually pricey enterprise. The a/c is on in several households before the first of May in our region. And the a/c is going pretty much straight through until September as well. Yet, it’s the more than 2 month stage from August through September that is actually the stage where the a/c costs skyrocket. But, I consistently meet that section of the year prepared. The home is sealed up slim to keep the HVAC cooling in and the heat out. We have solar shades that we use to mitigate the direct sunshine heating as well. Those are two of the essentials right there. And of course, we make sure that thermostat is set so it’s never more than 15 degrees cooler inside than it is outside. Doing all of this allows for plenty of HVAC cooling comfort without producing big utility bills.