Re-doing the whole home heating system

The renovation project had taken a toll on us because we did some of the work ourselves

The renovation process had taken longer than we would have liked, but our vision for the house was finally taking shape. We were yet to pick out a design for our gas fireplace. We could not decide between a traditional white design and the river rock design. We were also redoing the whole home heating system. We had gone to the heating corp to consult a professional on the best equipment for our home, and we had ended up choosing a gas furnace. We initially thought that they would also need to redo the entire ductwork. However, the HVAC repairman said that all they had to do was check the HVAC duct for any leaks or any weakness and fix it. Afterward, a duct cleaning would make it as good as new. We planned to use a washable filter for the new boiler installation instead of the old ones that needed replacing every three months. Like the previous heating system, we would need to keep it running smoothly and efficiently with a furnace/heater tune-up twice or once a year. The heating provider had also given us some energy-saving help tips, most of which we were familiar with, but some new ones were also. The renovation project had taken a toll on us because we did some of the work ourselves. A month after the home services company finished installing the heater, our home was finally complete. It felt good to look at the house and see all the work done with nothing but love and a whole lot of sweat. It was finally time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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