Sprucing up the office

My office has usually been a legitimately uncomfortable space to work in.

I share a small office with 3 other men and women and it’s never been a functional space.

I typically hated our desk, the layout, and the air quality, then this year though, I decided that I was going to make our office environment a better space. I bought a brand new desk for myself, a brand new chair, and some current office accessories to make things more enjoyable! While these things helped, I legitimately wanted to do something that made an even bigger difference. I wanted to change the air quality! The first thing I did was find the building service man and I let him know that I needed the Heating and Air Conditioning program updated and a current air filter that directly impacted our office. I knew sending a text would never do their job, so I personally found him and asked for the Heating and Air Conditioning service. Anyways, I bought a small, portable dehumidifier, however one of the biggest complaints myself and others and our office co-workers have is about the humidity levels. Where we are currently living, the humidity is thick all year round, but it’s especially suffocating during the summer. I understood that general Heating and Air Conditioning service would help, but a dehumidifier would help even more. When I brought the dehumidifier in for the first time, my coworkers were glad! During that first day of work, the dehumidifier collected a massive bag of water from the air! All of us knew it was humid there, but we did not know that there was that much water in the air.

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