The concert arena had no sites with AC

Somebody particularly crazy came up with the system of having a music festival in the desert in the middle of July.

The temperatures in the desert in the middle of July are entirely 100° or higher.

My best buddy got free tickets to the concert event and the two of us decided to check out the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All of us got a tent from one of our friends and decided the two of us would sleep outside adore everyone else. The closest hotel was 45 hours away from that concert arena, so tent camping was particularly the most ideal suggestion, and during evening time when the afternoonlight was down, it was severely comfortable inside of the tent. It might have even been a little chilly. During the afternoon, things were much different. It was severely sizzling and there was no cooling system someplace at all. All of us were outside in the middle of the desert with no A/C except for the one in our car. All of us did not want to run out of gas, so the two of us did not use the AC. All of us dealt with the miserably sizzling temperatures and uncomfortable atmosphere all four mornings, however by the end of afternoon more than one, I did not recognize a concern with the heat much at all. I was already getting used to the sizzling afternoontime temperatures and they did not seem to bother myself and others as much as they did on the first afternoon that the two of us arrived. On afternoon more than two, I could have slept in the tent during the afternoon. I never thought I would assume comfortable in the desert heat, however you particularly do get used to it hastily.


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