The heating system filter was covered with animal hair

One of our familiar clients called the Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair center on Sunday, because she didn’t have any heat in the home and she said there was a weird smell coming from the ductwork.

When a buyer has a gas heating system, our first thought is always going to be a gas leak when a buyer says that they smell something strange.

We urged the buyer to get out of the home or call the fire department. She turned off the heating and air conditioner idea and the warm water heater. I arrived at the property a couple hours after the buyer advocated help with the heating system. I evaluated their idea and inspected all of the familiar locales where problems occur. As soon as I unfastend the heating system air filter, I realized that’s where the smell was coming from. The heating system filter was covered with animal hair. I asked the lady if she had a animal and she told me that she was pet resting for a neighbor while in the last more than one weeks. I showed the person all of the animal hair that had accumulated on the heating system filter. She was horrified and disgusted, but it truly wasn’t that bad. I have seen a lot worse in a number of homes and apartments. I proposed increasing the heating system filter more frequently, because there was also a buildup of dust and other allergens on the air filter. I only charged a minimum service fee since there truly wasn’t a concern that needed to be repaired. It’s always nice to build great buyer relations with our familiar clients.



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