The old cabin had a very old heater

Looking back, I should have come up here in the summer.

I chose to book the cabin for the winter months, because I thought it would be easier.

This place is very remote, and relies on a gas powered generator for the modest amount of power it can withstand. In other words, the place is very old, as is the wiring, and it can only handle a few small things, nothing major. I didn’t want to go over the summer, because there is no air conditioning, and I felt that would be a miserable experience. Imagine months worth of 90 degree days with no source of cooling down other than jumping in the lake? During the winter I could use the old furnace in the basement, or the fireplace in the front room, and staying warm would not be an issue. That is what I thought, anyway, but I also was dumb enough to think that it would have a modern, central heating system. This was not the case at all, because the furnace in the cabin was fueled with firewood. There was all the heating I could ever want, as long as I chopped enough wood to keep it burning. I will admit to pitching a fit about the furnace situation at first. Then reality settled in, and I realized that I was in the cabin for a while, so I had no choice but to chop wood to feed the furnace. It was slow going at first, but a few weeks later I can credit that furnace with me losing 15 pounds from all the exercise!

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