The pet shop owner finally got a new air conditioner installed

My neighbor owned a pet shop.

He sold pets of all sizes as well as types.

The owner, Mr. Paul kept getting sick. One evening while I was taking out the trash, we struck up a conversation. He was complaining that his sinuses kept getting infected. Being an air conditioning professional, I inquired about his air conditioner. He had not scheduled an a/c service for the unit for quite some time. He had been busy and forgotten. I encouraged him to call the office of the air conditioning company I had worked for and book an appointment. I thought the issue would be dirty air conditioning filters that would cause the air to be dirty. The air conditioning install had been more than 15 years ago. The a/c repairman assigned to do the a/c care concluded that the unit could not be revived as the damages and age played a big role. The filters were also filthy which played a role in the low air quality. We got the air conditioning business to deliver a new central air conditioner to the customer’s house. For climate control, we opted for a digital thermostat. The a/c setup took a little over three hours. We always clean the workspace after we are done with every job. A week later, I checked with my neighbor who confirmed that the issue with his sinuses had reduced. He was feeling much better. We found out that the pet dander and dust from the pets were making him sick. The filters in the unit helped to filter out these pollutants. The new unit significantly improved the quality of air within the shop. The filters would also help reduce a/c repairs in the future.
a/c rep