The sound wasn't the Heating & Air Conditioning after all

My fiance and I noticed some different sounds in the home office and they appeared to be coming from the air duct above the bed, then i tried to go into the attic to find the source of the sound! When the Heating & Air Conditioning unit was running, it was difficult to determine where the sound was coming from! Since I was pretty sure that the sound was coming from the air duct, I decided to contact the local service service.

They came to help us on Thursday, when our fiance and I were both lake apartment at the time. The repairman performed a complete service tune up on the heating and method and he also looked for the location of the different sound. The repairman was in the attic for a while, but he had the method turned off while he was in the attic; Maybe that was the reason why I could not locate the sound, because I did not turn off the Heating & Air Conditioning method while I was in the attic. I thought the noise was coming from the system, so I left it on. The repairman told our fiance and I that the sound was not coming from the method and appeared to be a piece of metal attached to one of the air duct attachions. The repairman secured the piece of metal with a screw and encouraged us to keep listening for the sound. He believed it was not going to come back, but told us to listen carefully. The repairman found the source of the noise and he performed a tune up while he was at the house.

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