The weather affects my workouts

It is early July and the weather is beautiful. I prefer the warm summer days rather than the brutally cold winters. I am taking advantage of the sunshine and heading to the beach whenever I have some free time. The forecast says the temperatures this week will be consistently in the high eighties. That means I need to get up early to complete my workout before the heat of the day sets in. I am a little bit too far from the nearest organized gym to make a membership worthwhile. Instead, I’ve set up a home gym that works well for me. I have a decent set of hand weights and dumbbells and a lifting bench. I have a yoga mat and jump rope. I’ve bought some resistance bands and a wobble board. I spent a bit more on a treadmill and stationary bike. My home gym offers plenty of space to get in a full workout. The only issue is the lack of temperature control. One wall of the area is constructed of screens. For the most part, I’m thankful for the influx of fresh air. On really hot days, the area gets overheated and sticky. Despite running a box fan, I sweat profusely. I feel sluggish and it’s hard to push myself. I have the opposite problem during the winter. My home gym can be freezing cold. Running a space heater doesn’t make much difference. I need to bundle up in layers. It’s almost impossible to warm up and loosen up my joints and muscles. I am fortunate that for the majority of the year, the climate in my area is moderate. I just make sure to time my workouts to suit the summer and winter challenges.

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