Winter this year has been really cold

Winter has been way too cold this year for my taste.

I’m really not the kind of person who enjoys the winter weather.

When the temperature gets down below 50 degrees or so, I just get in a bad mood and start wishing for the sun. I guess that means I’m probably living in the wrong part of the country. It gets really cold here, and the temperatures are routinely in the teens and even in the single digits during the winter. This year, it has been even colder than normal! People around here have really been having a hard time keeping their homes warm enough for the weather. If you don’t have good insulation or a great heating system, then you have been in real trouble around here this year. I know that the heating and cooling companies here in town have been having a hard time keeping up with demand because homeowners have been over using their gas furnaces and electric furnaces this year. Parts have been wearing out, and therefore HVAC technicians have been going out on call to get furnaces fixed up so people won’t be freezing to death! At least most of the people around here have some sort of backup heating system in their home just in case their furnace stops working. We have a wood burning fireplace in our house. Of course, that’s not going to get us through the whole entire winter, but if our furnace goes out then at least we will have some source of heating to use till we get it fixed.


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