Work and Heating in addition to Air Conditioning schedule coincide

It’s Wintertide so I’m sleeping a bit later, and that’s good with me.

While both of us aren’t dealing with the sort of Wintertide which requires a boiler or a gas furnace, it can still get particularly cold around here.

Morning is the worst time for me. So I adjust our labor schedule to reflect the later rising time. Really though, both of us don’t even need much help from the heat pump around here. I keep the beach house so slim in order to maximize all the air conditioner that it pays off in the winter. Once the direct sunshine heating takes over and warms up the beach house a bit, the beach house is slim enough to hold the heat. Still, there are some afternoons that require a bit of Heating in addition to Air Conditioning heating to knock the chill off the house. And that’s another reason why I like to sleep in a bit later during the winter. I like to let the heat pump do it’s thing on those morning. The opposite is true during the summer. However, I still adjust our labor schedule to the air conditioner schedule. It’s up particularly early during the summer. I like to get out and do our outdoors stuff early before the heat sets in. And then, I get to labor once it’s time to leave the outside for some of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning cooling of our beach beach house office. Working from beach beach house for myself is a single of the best things that have ever happened to myself and others when it comes to increasing our schedule. I find it so interesting that I adjust our life around the temperature and the weather where I live. But that’s what you do when you spend as much time outside as I do.

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