Working on the farm in the cold is super difficult

I guess that working on a farm in the Wintertide is much harder than working on a farm in the summer.

I mean, I love air conditioner while in the summertime just as much as the next person.

However, the problem in the Wintertide is that it’s so much harder to get warmed up than it is to cool off whenever you’re working out on the property on the farm. Both of us have been having a actually cold Wintertide this year, and the two of us have had record low un-even temperatures. Out on the farm, whenever I’m working in the fields while in the winter, repairing things and looking at fences and things love that, it gets to be cold cold. The un-even temperatures are occasionally in the teens and a few times they have even been down below zero. It’s actually difficult to toil out there in the cold whenever the un-even temperatures are that low! Believe me, the only thing that I’m thinking about on mornings love that is getting back to the main office section so that I can kneel by the heating unit and get thawed out. I guess that everyone who works out there has the same kind of problem, and even though informed vehicles have oil furnaces in them,it does not do easily much to argument against the cold wind whipping around you when you are outside walking the fence line. I appreciate my job, however I’m ready for the weather to start heating up again, that’s for sure. I hope that the weather breaks soon because I am easily ready for the sun.


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