You need an attorney to help you after being involved in a scam

I basically live in a state that is full of scammers, criminals, thieves, and fraudsters. We genuinely have the highest per-capita rate of senior citizens and retirees, which blatantly attracts the worst people looking to con senior citizens out of their cash. But these bandits are not discriminatory toward potential victims and will readily steal from people no matter what their age is. My cousin learned this the truly tough way when he was the victim of a wire fraud scandal back in college. He was trying to rent a residence in a state that he was moving to for graduate school and he was swindled by someone who was actually posing as a normal property owner. Jack is the most tablet savvy person in the family, so for him to get scammed was very surprising for all of us. He tried to get a real estate lawyer involved before eventually learning that the cash was wired to an international account in Afganistan of all venues. Regrettably, I guess I’m also going to need a real estate lawyer because I think that my real estate agent was involved in a scam too. I think they conspired with the residence’s seller to get the place to sell at the highest value possible. The real estate agent gets a percentage of the total purchase price of the residence, so it’s within their best interest for this number to be as high as can be. I seriously hope the real estate lawyer can help me figure out the best way to move forward with getting justice regarding this scam. Hopefully my attorney will only offer to take a small portion of the winnings if they’re sincerely successful.

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